Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Supervision of BA and MA Theses


General Requirements


Students interested in conducting their thesis work with the Chair for Transregional Southeast Asia Studies are requested to



Respective certified language proficiencies:


Please consult the teaching and research portfolio of the Chair for Transregional Southeast Asia Studies for inquiries about disciplinary, theoretical-methodological as well as geographical parameters and approaches along with specific research interests of the respective colleague that you intend to supervise your thesis project.



Reseach Areas / Topic Clusters for Thesis Supervision by Prof. Dr. Claudia Derichs)


Applicants choose a specified topic from the following clusters:


Bachelor Theses

  • Social movements in Japan
  • Women’s movements
    • in Indonesia (1950 onwards, diverse foci and methodological approaches possible)
    • in Malaysia (1957 onwards, diverse foci and methodological approaches possible)
    • in Japan (1950 onwards, diverse foci and methodological approaches possible)
  • Political Transformation in transregional comparison (case studies from Southeast Asia and MENA)
  • Language / language politics and changes in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • 1965ff. in Indonesia
  • Islamic Family Law in Indonesia and Malaysia (in comparative perspective and/or as single case study)


Master Theses

  • Islamic movements in Southeast Asia 1960-1990 (national/transnational/transregional, single or comparative case studies)
  • Militant political activists in Southeast Asia (including armed struggles, for example in combination with feminist approaches)
  • Linguistic and religious linkages and connectivities between Southeast Asia and MENA
  • Transregional religious dynamics
  • Okinawa: nationality, nation-state, identity (diverse approaches possible: language-wise, socio-political, intersectional)
  • Japan in Southeast Asia (e.g. in terms of development cooperation)
  • MENA in Southeast Asia (e.g. in linguistic or academic/educational terms)


These clusters also apply to students considering to combine their thesis work with a longer field research in the region under review.





Please note that all information regarding the registration process of BA and MA theses is in German language and can be found via the following links: