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Bahasa Indonesia



Esie Hanstein

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Today’s official Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, has its roots in the old Malay language and belongs to the Austronesian language family (including Balinese, Filipino and Malagasy). Bahasa Indonesia is and has been one of the most important trade and transportation languages ​​within Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia (Bahasa Melayu), Brunei and Singapore. Indonesian/Malay is spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide and is written in Latin script. Indonesian acts as a lingua franca and is used by most speakers as a second language in addition to the local mother tongue.


Course Overview

Bahasa Indonesia 1

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Bahasa Indonesia 2

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Written and oral exam

Bahasa Indonesia 3

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Bahasa Indonesia 4

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Oral exam

Reading Courses (“Lektürekurse”)

  • 2 SWS
  • Written or oral exam (M.A. only)