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Tiếng Việt



Anke Friedel-Nguyen

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Vietnamese is the official language for about 60 million inhabitants in all parts of Vietnam. It is used in all areas of society. Vietnamese belongs to the Mon-Khmer branch of the Austro-Asiatic language family, yet the strong Chinese influences during its early history have blurred these categories. The modern writing system is based on the Latin alphabet, supplemented by a number of additional characters to represent phonetic features.


Course Overview

Vietnamese 1

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Vietnamese 2

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Written and oral exam

Vietnamese 3

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Vietnamese 4

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Oral exam

Reading Courses (“Lektürekurse”)

  • 2 SWS
  • Written or oral exam (M.A. only)