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Vietnamese is the national and everyday language of Vietnam. This Austro-Asian language, which belongs to the Mon-Khmer branch, is currently spoken by around 100 million inhabitants (2024). Vietnamese is a tonal language with six tones, although some dialects only use four tones. Although a very large part of the vocabulary is based on Chinese, the languages are not related and are very different both phonetically and grammatically. However, while Chinese (Hán Việt) was written in literature and administration in past centuries and a separate script based on Chinese (chữ Nôm) was later developed, the modern Vietnamese script (Quốc ngữ) is based on the Latin alphabet, supplemented by a series of diacritical marks to represent phonetic features.


Course Overview

Vietnamese 1

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Vietnamese 2

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Written and oral exam

Vietnamese 3

  • 4 SWS, winter term
  • Written exam

Vietnamese 4

  • 4 SWS, summer term
  • Oral exam


Vietnamese 5

  • 2 SWS
  • Written or oral exam (M.A. only)