Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Department of African Studies

Degree Programm

Two degree programmes are offered at the Department of African Studies:

  1. The BA Regional Studies Asia/Africa is a degree, which is supported by the entire institute for Asian and African Studies. Further information about this degree can be found here.
    Please bear in mind that the learning an Asian or African language is compulsory for this degree.
  2. MA in African Studies is a degree offered by the Department of African Studies. Further information about this degree can be found here.


Applicants are required to apply online for either degree. Admission for the BA and MA degree is managed is managed by the administration of the University of Humboldt. Information about the admission procedure can be found here. Detailed information about the application procedure can be found here. Both degrees start in the winter term. Please observe all valid application deadlines.

Organisation of Studies

Courses are organised into modules. To select modules, particular examination regulations must be consulted. Ideal study plans for either degree can be found in the examination regulations for each programme. All information regarding the structure of the degree programme, necessary exams to be completed, selecting modules and teaching methods are outlined in the examination regulations. The examination regulation can be found here:

Timetables can be created via AGNES, the online platform for teaching and examinations of the Humboldt-University of Berlin. It is a prerequisite to register for a module/course on AGNES before participating in the lectures. This should be done at the beginning of the semester.


Students should contact course advisers for further information. They can also be contacted if students have questions concerning their studies. An advisor is chosen depending on the first letter of the surname:

  • BA-students from A-L, Joel Glasman, Mo 1 - 3 pm, R 407
  • BA-students from M-Z and all MA-students, Andreas Wetter, We 10 -12 am, R 411

For general questions regarding administrative procedures please refer to the general student advisory service.