Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Summary summer 2020

19.05.2020  Hilde Gunnink (Universiteit Gent)
 “The history of clicks in Nguni languages”
26.05.2020 Anne-Maria Fehn (Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Vairão, Portugal) 
“Classificatory implications of participant marking and word order variation in Shua (Kalahari Khoe)”
02.06.2020 Daniel Auer (HU Berlin, M.A. project)
“A grammatical sketch of ǂHuan (Taa)”
09.06.2020 Linda Gerlach (HU Berlin) & Lee J. Pratchett (Goethe-Uni. Frankfurt/HU Berlin)
“Puzzling palatalisation: tracking areal features and contact history across ǂ’Amkoe, Kalahari Khoe, and Bantu”
16.06.2020 Jan Junglas (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project)
"The semantics of tripartite number systems in Northeast Africa"
23.06.2020 Michael Schulze (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project)
“Agreement targets in Mel – an overview”
07.07.2020 Sylvanus Job (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project)
"Tracking the ‘deposed-subject’ NP in a Khoekhoegowab corpus: a morphosyntactic and functional analysis"
14.07.2020 Benedikt Winkhart (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project)
"Syntactic aspects of noun phrases in Limassa"