Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Summary winter semester 2020/21

  • 10.11. Miguel Gutiérrez Maté (Universität Augsburg): “The Kikongo matrix of the grammars of Mayombe-Portuguese and Palenquero Creole and its implications for a theory of ‘language restructuring’” (presentation, handout)
  • 17.11. Jonas Lau (Universität Köln): "Gender and deriflection in Abesabesi"
  • 24.11. Anne-Maria Fehn (Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Vairão, Portugal): “Preliminary notes on Kwadi grammar and implications for the morphological reconstruction of proto Khoe-Kwadi” (presentation)
  • 1.12. Tom Güldemann (HU Berlin): “The Niger-Congo family in time and space: a first attempt” (handout)
  • 8.12. Silva Nurmio and Rahel T. Dires (University of Helsinki): “Singulatives cross-linguistically and in Eastern African languages” (presentation)
  • 15.12. Alexander Andrason (University of Stellenbosch) [& Michael Karani]: “Emotive interjections in Maasai (Arusa)” (presentation)
  • 05.01. Marcel Mindemann (HU Berlin, Master project): "Die Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede in den Wortvermeidungsstrategien der Schwiegermeidesprachen Ost- und Südafrikas"
  • 12.01. Kofi Yakpo (University of Hongkong & HU Berlin): “Areal perspectives on Afro-European Creole languages” (presentation, handout)
  • 19.01. Daniel Auer (HU Berlin, Master project): “The gender system and nominal morphology of ǂHuan (Taa)”
  • 26.01. Lee Pratchett (HU Berlin): “The queerest of clicks: lessons in linguistic marginalia from Drag Queens”
  • 02.02. Michael Schulze (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project): “Morphosyntactic patterns of nominal classification marking in Mel” (handout)
  • 09.02. Jan Junglas (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project): “A typological account of singulative number among languages of Northeastern Africa”