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Decentering Diffusion: China as a Locus of Transnational Developmentalism

International workshop via Zoom, October 16-17, 2020


Organized by
Sarah Eaton and Daniel Fuchs, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Saori N. Katada, USC Dornsife, Center for International Sudies




Friday, October 16


15:00 CEST

Welcome and Introductions

  • Prof. Jessica Liao (NC State) and Prof. Saori N. Katada (USC) Why Developmental States Go Global? Institutional parallels, lineage, and learning of Japan and China's overseas infrastructure policy
  • Discussant: Prof. Mark Beeson (University of Western Australia)
  • Chair: Prof. Eric Helleiner (University of Waterloo)

Coffee Break

  • Prof. Eric Helleiner (University of Waterloo) The Neglected Chinese Origins of East Asian Developmentalism
  • Discussant: Prof. Rana Mitter (University of Oxford)
  • Chair: Prof. Wendy Leutert (Indiana University)

Coffee Break

  • Prof. Carol Wise (USC) and Prof. Oldřich Krpec (Masaryk University) China's Venture into Central-Europe: Whose Feet are Made of Clay?
  • Discussant: Dr. Matt Ferchen (Mercator Institute for China Studies, Berlin)
  • Chair: Daniel Fuchs (HU Berlin)

Saturday, October 17


15:00-16:00 CEST
  • Daniel Fuchs (HU Berlin) and Prof. Sarah Eaton (HU Berlin) Diffusion of Practice: The Curious Case of the Sino-German Technical Standardization Partnership
  • Discussant: Prof. Andreas Nölke (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)
  • Chair: Prof. Jessica Liao (NC State)

Coffee Break

  • Prof. Wendy Leutert (Indiana University) Rethinking the Enterprise of the State Through China-Japan Engagement
  • Discussant: Prof. Kristen Looney (Georgetown University)
  • Chair: Prof. Saori N. Katada (USC)

Coffee Break

  • Prof. Sarah Eaton (HU Berlin) and Prof. Saori N. Katada (USC) Decentering Diffusion: China as a Locus of Transnational Developmentalism (Framing Paper)
  • Discussant: Prof. Thomas Risse (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Chair: Prof. Carol Wise (USC)



This workshop is made possible by support from the Center for International Studies, University of Southern California.