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28. 6. und 4. 7. 2017: Vorträge von Frau Prof. Chiu Kuei-fen

Wir laden herzlich zu zwei Vorträgen der renommierten taiwanesischen Kulturwissenschaftlerin Prof. Chiu Kuei-fen ein.


1. Mi., 28.06., 14:00 (c.t.): Ecodocumentary Making in Taiwan

Ort: Johannisstr. 10, Raum 303 (S-Bahn Oranienburger Straße oder Friedrichstraße)
Abstract: This talk tries to show how documentary making participates in the shaping of the Taiwanese civil society. From the 1980s onward, environmental movement has been a persistent social movement in Taiwan. Taiwanese ecodocumentary can be understood as a mode of filmmaking that tries to intervene in the debates on environmental problems in the Taiwanese contexts. As a sub-genre of “ecocinema,” eco-documentaries emphasize the consequential nature of what their viewers see on the screen. They urge the viewers to turn their new conviction into action. This talk introduces a couple of Taiwanese ecodocumentaries and speculates on their significance and contribution as ecodocumentaries. Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from above (“Best Documentary Award,” 2013 Golden Horse Film Festival) focuses on land ethics and demonstrates the “world-making” power of popular ecodocumentaries. Swing tackles the issue of animal rights with an “eco-cosmopolitan” approach. Finally, we use two activist ecodocumentaries on YouTube to show how young ecodocumentary makers exploit the power of the internet to mobilize their viewers.  

Online resources:

Beyond Beauty: 
Activist ecodocumentaries on YouTube:                                 

2. Di., 04.07., 18:00 Uhr: Taiwan Literature as World Literature
Ort: IAAW, Invalidenstraße 118, Raum 410 (U-Bahn Naturkundemuseum oder S-Bahn Nordbahnhof)

Abstract: This talk deals with the relationship between Taiwan literature and world literature. It takes as its case studies three Taiwanese writers whose works have claimed international recognition: Li Ang (feminist writer), Wu Mingyi (nature writer) and Chen Li (experimental poet). How should we understand the dynamics of cultural contestation that occurs when a Taiwanese writer tries to enter the world literary space? What mechanism of recognition is in operation? In what way can these writers from the literary periphery contribute to the shaping of the so-called “world literature”? Ultimately, what is the “world” of “world literature”? And, what is the “worldliness” that makes a literary work part of world literature? These are the questions we attempt to explore in this talk.

Relevant websites:

The Li Ang Archive:
Top 20 Poems by Chen Li:
The Taiwan Literature Archives:
Books from Taiwan:
Dieser Vortrag findet im Rahmen des IAAW-Institutskolloquiums statt. Im zweiten Teil des Kolloquiums hält Frau Prof. Dr. Susanne Gehrmann (HU IAAW) einen Vortrag zum Thema "Francophone African Literature as World Literature".
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