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Christian Jacobs

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Christian Jacobs
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Christian Jacobs is a PhD student of the graduates college "Global Intellectual History" which is a collaborativ project of the FU and the HU Berlin.


Mr Jacobs worked on the PhD project:

"Culture — Discovering a New Political Battleground in France and the World, 1962 -1984"

Christian Jacobs' current PhD project analyzes the rising importance of culture in France’s political discourse between 1962 and 1984. As a first step, it explores contemporary conceptions of culture and how they changed during the period of investigation. Secondly, the project analyzes three specific political movements and their relationship to culture in-depth as case studies: the women’s movement, the anti-racism movement, and the so-called New Right. Since all the three movements were connected to people and ideas from all around the globe, the project does not look at France as a closed space but examines the importance of global developments and entanglements for the intellectual trend. Thus, the project sheds light on the influence of transnational networks and global circulation of ideas at the time and helps to understand the interplay of conceptual debates and politics.