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2019 Identités sahéliennes en temps de crise:
Histoires, enjeux et perspectives.
(Berlin, LIT, Reihe: Afrikanische Studien/African Studies, Band 60). Link
2010 Disputed Desert: Decolonisation, Competing Nationalisms and Tuareg Rebellions in Mali. (Leiden, Brill Academic Publishers, Afrika-Studiecentrum Series). Link


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Academic Blogs and op eds

2013, June 12

Hot Spot Mali: Serval in the Sahara.

2013, May 14 "Mali: Which way forward?", African Argument.
2013, January 26 "De vage grenzen van de oorlog in Mali", De Standaard
2012, July 11 "Salafisten wilden einde aan vakanties in Timboektoe", NRC Handelsblad
2012, July 7 "Timboektoe is meer dan verwoest erfgoed", De Standaard
2012, April 5

"Mali – How bad can it get?", African Arguments

2012, April 5

"Northern Mali – The things we assume", E-International Relations

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"Mali – The Hot Season is Coming", African Argument.

2012, Feb. 28

"The Tuareg: Between Armed Uprising And Drought", African Arguments.

2011, October 31

"Global Insider: Tuareg Rebel Groups", World Politics Review.


Editorial Work

2015 Eric Hahonou, -, Guest Editors, Post-Slavery in African Societies, International Journal of African Historical Studies 48-2.
2011 Editor H-West Africa (Part of H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online)
2007 Erik Bähre, —, Guest Editors, The Drama of African Development: The state, conflict, and modernization in the 20th century, African Studies 66-1.
2003 –, Gregory Mann, Guest Editors, Modibo Keita’s Mali: 1960-1968, Mande Studies 5.