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Dr. Joseph Eke

Dr. Joseph Eke
Visiting Scientist

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Dr. Joseph N. Eke is on a short-duration research fellowship sponsored by the DAAD from 1.06. - 31.08.2019 and hosted by Prof. Susanne Gehrmann.
He is researching the “Representation of African Cultural-Knowledge and Identity in Versions of German Translations of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart”.
Dr. Eke is a lecturer in the German Studies programme of the Department of European Studies, University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria. Untill April 2019, he was the Coordinator of the postgraduate programme of his Department. He is currently in the Editorial Board of the Faculty of Arts Journal - Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies(IJHS). His research interest focuses on questions of Cultural-Knowledge and memory, Identity, representation and power in textual and “actual” Communication/Relations between cultures and states within the Postcolony. Emphasis is on German-African intercultural contacts and exchanges.