Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - Institute of Asian and African Studies

Colloquium on African Linguistics - Program (Summer 2024)

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Tom Güldemann
Location: Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften (IAAW), Invalidenstr. 118, Raum 410
Time: Tuesdays 16h15 - 17h45
(Please contact Jakob Lesage if you want to participate through Zoom.)
Guests are warmly invited to join!


Program for the 2024 Summer Semester

23.04. Jan Junglas (HU Berlin, PhD project): “Nominal gender marking in Northeastern Africa's tripartite number languages”

30.04. fällt aus

07.05. Tatiana Korol: “The documentation of Ngen”

14.05. Nadine Grimm (University of Rochester): “Towards reconstructing grammatical tone in the Northwest Bantu verb phrase”

21.05. Luka Anlauff (HU Berlin, Master project): “The verbal domain of Ndogoic”

28.05. Fanny Sigler (HU Berlin, Bachelor project): “The role of language in the context of identity: Igbo, Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin in the Cape Town region”

04.06. Markus Riedel (HU Berlin, PhD project): “Introducing the multidialectal language complex Taa into primary education in Botswana”

11.06. Jeff Good (HU Berlin & University of Buffalo): “Wordhood and constituency in Chichewa”

18.06. Tom Güldemann (HU Berlin): tba

25.06. Mohamed Zedan (HU Berlin, Master Project): “Nationalismus in Ägypten zwischen Ägyptisch- und Standard-Arabisch”

02.07. Olga Olina (HU Berlin, Ph.D. project): “The documentation of Jirim”

09.07. Gudrun Miehe (Universität Bayreuth, Prof. Emerit): “Adjectives & Co in Cerma (Gur)”

16.07. Benedikt Winkhart (HU Berlin, PhD project): “The description of Limassa”