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Bachelor Area Studies Asia/Africa

The BA Regional Studies Asia/Africa is coordinated by the entire Institute for Asian and African Studies (IAAW). The institute has five departments, one of which is African Studies. Two other departments are cross-disciplinary/cross-sectional in nature. All departments that are cross disciplinary/cross-sectional contribute courses that make up the BA teaching program.

There is no BA 'African Studies' at our institute. It is possible, however, to specialise in the regional domain of Africa as part of the BA degree. This can be achieved by choosing specific courses/modules with an African focus to the extent of at least 30 study points, by learning an African language (40 study points), and by writing a BA thesis on an Africa-related topic. This procedure then corresponds to a degree in African Studies.

You find more detailed information on the pages of B.A. Area Studies Asia/Africa.

All students studying at the HU-Berlin are required to register for each module, directly, on AGNES. The individual courses for the BA Regional Studies Asia/Africa  are found here.

A catalogue of all courses for the current semester that are organized by the Department of African Studies, focusing on  BA Regional Studies Asia/Africa, can be found in the section "Course Catalogue".